Ham testing

Don’t forget to check our calendar for the next available WCARS Ham testing session. You are not required to sign up ahead of time, nor do you need to bring the ticket to the testing session. Our ticketing system helps the club see how many folks are planning to come to a test session, and for follow-up.

October 2, 2017 BRARS Meeting Program (7.30 PM)

The October BRARS meeting is “just around the corner”. Patrick Harris (KI4SVM) will be presenting a program about Summits On The Air (S.O.T.A). This is a topic that is very relevant to our location here close to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rest of the Appalachian chain.

All Amateurs are invited and welcome to attend our BRARS meeting on Monday 2 October starting at 7.30 PM

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact me, Robert (WR8RW), on 864.663.9792.

2017 Proposed Changes Voting Now Closed

Voting for the ratification of the 2017 proposed changes to the BRARS Constitution and By-Laws is now closed. Thanks to all who took the opportunity to vote. The election vote has been certified. The results will be announced at the 2 October Society General meeting.

Thank you for your participation…Robert (WR8RW)

Upcoming August 2017 BRARS Meeting

The August 2017 Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society is scheduled for Monday 7 August 7.30 PM (19.30) in the Red Cross building located at 940 Grove Road, Greenville.

The August program will be presented by Dr. Marc Tarplee (N4UFP), ARRL South Carolina section manager.
Marc will be discussing Spectrum defense and the Radio Club of the future.

All are welcome to join us.

Anderson Radio Club Special Event: July 15 – July 21 2017

The Anderson Radio Club will be hosting a Special Event in memory of Silent Key Steve Foster (N4SZ) Anderson, SC who received the ARRL 50-Year Service Certificate as a member of the Anderson Radio Club, Anderson, SC.

The details:
JULY 15 (13:00 UTC) THRU JULY 21 (2:00 UTC)
20 METERS (14.225-14.350) AND 40 METERS (7.175-7.300)

If you have questions:
Contact Margie Spangenberg (KK4AGN) margiespang@att.net
All radio contacts will receive a QSL card.

September club meeting date change

At the Monday 3 July Club meeting, those in attendance voted to change the date for the September BRARS Club meeting to Tuesday the 5th of September. We hope you, and all our membership, enjoy the final “summer holiday” with family and friends.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me on 864.663.9792 or by e-mail wr8rw@mail.com

Thank you and 73.

Robert (WR8RW)

Replies may also be sent to WR8RW@arrl.net

Correction: Date is the 5th, not the 6th